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About us

UTRON Kinetics is actively developing and commercializing patented and patent-pending technological processes, one of which is its acclaimed Combustion Driven Compaction (CDC) technology. CDC presses create high-density parts from powdered metal and ceramics. The process has been successfully demonstrated to improve physical properties of high-density parts for applications used in defense, energy, aerospace, automotive and other commercial markets.
UTRON Kinetics currently operates a 300-ton press, two 400-ton presses, and an exceptional 1,000-ton press for new materials research and production. With our continuing development of the Combustion Driven Compaction process, it is our mission to develop new alliances within the following markets and others that will benefit from the unique capabilities of our CDC technology:

  • Thermo-electric Materials for Power in Deep Space Missions and Waste Heat Recovery
  • Next Generation Linear Collider components for Accelerator Windows
  • High-temperature Rocket Components for the SM-3 Missile
  • Helicopter Transmission Parts
  • High-power Laser Mirror and Heat Sinks
  • Vehicle Ceramic Armor
  • Higher Performance Magnets
  • Rotor Magnet Assembly Components
  • Wear-resistant Metal Metrics
  • Carbides and Composite Tool Materials
  • Bearings and Gears
  • X-ray targets