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2007 to Present
UTRON Kinetics continues to pursue and enhance proven production processes that manufacture high-grade compaction products for aerospace, magnetic, medical, military and other industries
2002 to Present
Continuing development of materials processing techniques inspired by high-energy gun launch technologies
1998 to 2001
Development of a practical operating Combustion Driven Compaction (CDC) process to efficiently compact powdered metals to a higher density utilizing the light-gas technology previously developed to support ultra long-range artillery gun technology for the US Navy
1995 to 1997
Developed Combustion Light Gas Gun (CLGG) for US Navy and continued research and development of materials processing technologies and commercial products
1994 to 1997
Received funding from Missile Defense Agency to develop high-velocity and high-energy gun technology advancements
1989 to 1993
Provided consulting for plasma physics and engineering, primarily for ultra long-range artillery and large-gun technologies
UTRON, Inc. was founded and incorporated by Dennis Massey