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At UTRON Kinetics, you will collaborate with a talented team of scientists, engineers, technical specialists, and other professionals while engaging in research and development of new materials, materials processing, production of commercial products and parts manufacturing.

CEO's Message

Dennis MasseyWhen you decide to join UTRON Kinetics, you will become part of a dynamic team that sets the foundation for our company's continuing successes. Together with our employees, we have earned a stellar reputation within the industry for achieving new standards in research and development initiatives. This, of course, is a direct reflection of the talents and contributions of each individual UTRON Kinetics’ associate.

We consistently seek to hire new talent that will enhance and balance our team. If you believe your background and career aspirations are a match for the types of programs in which we engage, please submit your credentials to us for review. Our staffing team is available to review your career path and consult with you about the potential of your career development with UTRON Kinetics.
We wish you the best and fully appreciate that you have taken this initiative to investigate career opportunities with UTRON Kinetics.

– Dennis Massey, CEO