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employee testimonials


"One of the main reasons I joined Utron Kinetics was to be involved with all of the new and innovative technologies and materials that the company is motivated to develop and effectively provide. It has been exciting to watch the company grow in both size and business. The work environment is very supportive with everyone willing to help each other as a team to achieve our goals. I feel that all of my contributions to the company's successes are greatly appreciated which keeps me motivated."

-C. A., Quality Assurance

"After devoting many years of my career to the aviation industry, I was glad I happened to find this job with Utron Kinetics. It's similar to my former background. Nice people, good leaders, the salary is not bad, good environment, and it's close to home. What more do people need for their life and happiness?!"

-V. K., Mechanical Laboratory

"I've witnessed the growth and development of so many professionals over the years. Most impressive to me, is that this company's turnover rate is extremely low. People seem to thrive in our work environment and the company is effective at maintaining a competitive-edge in employment standards and trends for employers in this industry. It is a pleasure to work in an environment where solid decisions can typically be made without a lot of red tape interference."

-B. D., Human Resources

"When I came on the interview for Utron Kinetics, I was impressed with the way the company was growing even through the economy was in decline. I could see that they had recently invested some money in equipment. The people here are literally from all over the world. I enjoy the diversity and exposure to other cultures. At the same time, everyone here works well as a team, blending culture and experience for a truly unique working environment. I also enjoy the challenge of working with new and developing technologies."

-K. M., Materials Laboratory