UTRON Kinetics
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Combustion Driven Compaction (CDC) (pdf, 3.2 mb)
A tri-fold brochure that provides a glimpse into the Combustion Driven Compaction process, products, materials and the operational environment at UTRON Kinetics.
High Performance Bonded Neo Magnets Using High Density Compaction (ppt, 2.95 mb)
“Isotropic bonded Neo magnets produced by CDC will be ideal choice for applications where good thermal stability is required and where slightly higher magnetic property is needed, compared to conventional bonded Neo."
Advancing Technologies for Energy and Defense (pdf, 212 kb)
Excerpt: “Being able to rely on effective intellectual property protection makes it possible for UTRON to invest in the research and development needed to invent new security technologies meeting the needs of government and industry. UTRON At a Glance…”
Utron Kinetics Partners with PRIMA Problem Solving Inc. and The McLean Group in the Commercialization and Launch of its Combustion Driven Compaction (CPC) Business (.pdf, 48 kb)
Excerpt: “We have refined the technology to its current level and have production ready presses to the range of 1,000 tons operational in our facility. Now we are anxious to take the product to the end-user market” stated D. Massey, CEO of UTRON Kinetics. “The continued market penetration of PM is now tied to technological advancements like CDC pressing,” added R. Petrilli, Managing Partner of PRIMA Problem Solving.
SSCC Physics Classes (.pdf, 908 kb)
Excerpt: “…the students had the opportunity to visit a place where all these physics topics which they had studied were being used in real life situations. Dr. Kincaid is a former employee of UTRON. ‘I feel that seeing such a facility is as important as many of the things that students can learn in a classroom,’ said Kincaid.
Technology Investments Key to PM's Future (.pdf, 628 kb)
Excerpt: “UTRON Kinetics, UTRON, Inc., Manassas, Virginia, has developed the Combustion Driven Compaction (CDC) process for making high-density PM and ceramic parts with improved properties, says Dennis Massey, CEO. The company has successfully made cost-effective parts for defense applications.” (Read more on page 14)